robin-mailWe have very sad news to share with you. Robin Deirkauf, interdisciplinary artist, teacher, coach and inspirator at our Interfaculty, from its conception in 1989 until his retirement in 2011, unexpectedly passed away last week. We are astonished by this.

Robin, being a unique and genuine artist and teacher, was a much-loved and life-changing influence on many generations of students in and around our department. His manner of teaching was from the heart: through unforgettable courses and essential coaching, always natural, always spot-on, with love and care for students and the interdisciplinary arts. A great inspiration for his colleague teachers — especially for those of us who had the luck to be his student first, becoming his colleague later. On top of everything, Robin was an unstoppable creative force in many collaborative projects the Interfaculty created on numerous locations over the years. The ArtScience Interfaculty would not have existed the way it does today without Robin’s enormous involvement and influence. This is how he will live on with us.

We will miss Robin’s cunning views, his enthousiasm and his vivid humour greatly. The spirit of his thoughts will however be forever present in the Interfaculty, to inspire many more generations of students to come.

We wish Anny, Raymond, Bella and their families much strength to deal with the large gap he left. Robin was a truly special, lovely and unforgettable man.

Taco Stolk, head ArtScience,
on behalf of the ArtScience Interfaculty,
Kasper van der Horst
Robert Pravda
Michiel Pijpe
Cocky Eek
Arthur Elsenaar

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