Orientation Year


In order to give bachelor’s candidates for Composition, Sonology and ArtScience a deeper understanding of these programmes, and at the same time to encourage them to follow a bachelor’s curriculum in which elements from two or all three of them are combined with one another, the Royal Conservatoire is now offering a new orientation course consisting of 15 Saturday workshops. Each workshop deals with a subject that is typical for the respective department, although none of them requires any specific prior knowledge. Furthermore, participants will build up, through their participation in the workshops, a portfolio which will form an excellent basis for the bachelor’s admission exam. During a final meeting in April 2022, participants will discuss and present to each other their portfolios.

Candidates for this orientation course should write a motivation letter and hand in a small portfolio that documents their artistic activities.


The course fee is € 650.
It is not possible to register for separate parts of the course.
The deadline for applications is 1 September 2021.

You can apply here:
https://www.koncon.nl/aanmelden?course=orientatiecursus-scheppende-afdelingen (Nederlands)
and here:
https://www.koncon.nl/en/apply?course=orientatiecursus-scheppende-afdelingen (English)


If you have any questions regarding the Orientation Course please contact here.