The Nieuwe Persvoeder Fabriek ruminated.

with: Andreas Andersen, Naja Ankarfeldt, Aron Birtalan, Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou, Moritz Geremus, Marius Mathisrud, Falco Pols, Jet Smits, Bas Stoker, Beng Yuenyong facilitated by Wietske Maas and Cocky Eek

Over the month of November, 10 international ArtScience students spent 10 days in the Nieuwe Persvoeder Fabriek, working towards a combined performance that explores the vertical tower and uncovers how the factory can become a site of new sensory digestions.

The single night performance breathes new life into the old factory architecture: pipes and funnels burp and belch with sound; grain scuttles through the old cyclones; invisible air is rendered visible; a rhythmic manifesto resuscitates the cyclical nature of the machines; handwork transitions to machine production and oral history bellows from the basement. The performance poetically subverts the clockwork metabolism of the industrial food chain from molasses to the cow, to the suspensive sensory experiences of art.

The public is warmly invited to experience the fruits of this artistic assembly line: 29 November at 21:00 – Meeting point:De Compagnie (CHV- terrein),  NCB-Laan 52, 5462 GE Veghel

This project has been made possible with the kind support of Kunstgroep de Compagnie.
With special thanks to Henk van Wanrooij.
Aron Birtalan: a rhythmic manifesto written on the floor resuscitates the cyclical nature of the machines in the tower.

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