In Situ: Fort1881 / Operation Maasmond

Exhibition from December 2nd – January 15th
The exhibition OPENS ON THE 2nd DECEMBER 18.00 – 23.00
During the month of November, students and (guest) teachers of the ArtScience Interfaculty will prepare an exhibition in Fort1881 Hoek van Holland near Rotterdam.

Students will dive into the complex and layered history of an area which underwent an extreme make-over during the past 150 years. The “Hook” of Holland is an emblematic landscape so typical for the Netherlands for it reveals to us the irreversible impact man and technology have on our surrounding landscape. Not only in this century, but already back in the 18th century engineers, geologists and physicists were experimenting with techniques to shape the surface of the Hook, leaving behind a landscape that is completely man-made.

As a (con)temporary commanding crew of the fortification we set off to create new ideas, impressions and images for a story that has been told many times. Each time the story was told, it was from a different perspective revealing multiple histories that constitute this site. The “In Situ” project is another attempt to contribute to these histories.
Fortress 1881 is our vehicle for doing so, carrying us back in time, launching us towards a projected future in which the adversities of this area become hypothetical scenarios for landscape futures.
During the residency participants will develop several installations that are going to be exhibited in Fort1881 from Friday 2nd December 2016 until Friday 6th January 2017.

The exhibition will be opened on December 2nd.
ArtScience bachelor and master students participating in this workshop are:
Jan Boudestijn, Beng Yuenyong, Maarten Brijker, Kay Churcher, Nina Lezaic, Cameron Lobdell, Falco Pols, Andreas Sahl Andersen and June Yu.
Project by Michiel Pijpe, Onno Dirker and Christian van der Kooy.

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